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Coping with grief and the loss of a pet 

Losing a much-loved friend can feel like one of the hardest things to go through.









Coping with the pain of grief after having lost your pet can often feel overwhelming.

Grief may affect your physical and mental health, causing problems eating, sleeping, or even carrying out everyday tasks. You may even feel nauseous or experience aches and pains.

These feelings are normal and are a testimony to the special bond between people and their pets. It's important to give yourself time.

Missing your pet is natural, unfortunately, not everyone understands grief. It can sometimes feel like a very lonely experience.

It’s important to remember that grief can fade with time and with support from a therapist they can help you come to terms with your loss. 

Everyone deals will grief differently, there is no right or wrong way. Gradually, it will get easier, even if it seems like you’re taking a long time to come to terms with the passing of your pet.

Contact me to book an appointment to start the conversation and find techniques to cope.

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