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My Story

Becoming a Therapist 


My work as a therapist reflects the qualities I’d like to find in a counsellor. Knowing I am being listened to and having a strong sense that my thoughts and feelings count. 

I will help you relax and use my curiosity to discover what is important to you. 

Building trust in the client-therapist relationship is always important. I will provide a safe space and sometimes hold you when it is hard to say what is happening.

​My interests are varied I am an advocate for LGBTQ+ community and lobby to end Violence Against Women and Girls. 

I love time with animals and as a pet owner fully aware of how the loss of an animal can impact a person emotionally and physically.


In your sessions, there will be a safe and open space from where you can share feelings.


There will be empathy and congruence offered as you build solutions to resource how to move forward.

Education and Training
  • Psychotherapeutic Counselling                   

  • Art of Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming  

  • Coaching and Mentoring   

  • Trauma-Informed Model of Empowerment: Advancing knowledge of trauma 

  • Mindfulness for Survivors and Sexual Violence & Trauma 

  • Mental health First Aid 

  • Community and Youth Works Studies   

  • Public Health PGC                                 

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